Negotiated Contract Changes & Terms



MOU on QSIs, Time Off Quality Step Increases, Time Off and additional (344k-3 pps)
Full Contract (Jan. 2001) Complete contract document – with full appendices (740k-approx 183 pps)
Amended Contract Provisions (Digest) Digest of changed contract articles (160k)
NOTE: Changes/edits appear in bold italics. (approx 58 pps.)
Summary of Changes Brief overview of highlights – Power Point slide presentation.
Performance Awards – Art 31 How awards are earned – a must read!
Transition MOU* Re: Awards & Union Time
Productivity Awards Scale Bonus Scale – Appendix F
Letter of Understanding Use of external e-mail
Appendix A Terms of Agreement
E-Commerce Pilot Agreement Terms for e-commerce pilot
E-Commerce MIG** Guidelines for implementation

*MOU: “Memorandum of Understanding”

**MIG: “Management Implementation Guidelines”

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