Why join NTEU?

Just look at all the benefits listed below! Consider all the Office-wide improvements in working conditions that NTEU 245 has secured for all bargaining unit employees.
Then, check out the list of everything from comprehensive insurance programs to hotel discounts…from travel packages to grocery coupons available to dues paying members only!

Office-wide Benefits

  • Appointment to management-union joint committees such as automation, compensation, training, reorganization, expansion, flexiplace, organizational assessment, etc.
  • Telework Program and TEAPP
  • Negotiation of PAP with Office
  • Private offices for all attorneys who work on campus
  • Participation at Trademark, PTO and Department of Commerce Partnership and Diversity Councils
  • Advocating for GS-14s for everyone
  • Training period for new attorneys
  • Part-time program
  • Details and work projects

Member-only benefits:

  • Discounts for Liberty Mutual auto, home and renter’s insurance
  • Hotel, rental car and amusement park discounts
  • Life, hospital, short term disability and long term care insurance
  • National real estate services
  • Jiffy Lube discounts
  • Duron paints and wallcoverings discounts
  • NTEU MasterCard
  • Discounts for National Van Lines moving company
  • Consumer’s Checkbook
  • Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club discount memberships



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