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10/10/00 — Q. Todd Dickinson, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, announced today a series of ‘Day 2’ initiatives.

The first round of initiatives were announced six months ago in ‘Day 1’ celebrations in recognition of the transformation of the PTO into a Performance Based Organization (PBO).

The new initiatives include increased transit subsidies, extended year-round casual dress policy, business cards for employees, expanded automation support hours, discount computer purchases, and additional work hour flexibility.

Secretary Dickinson praised the continued partnership efforts with the PTO employee Unions as an example of a successful process of exploring ways to make the USPTO a better place to work while still meeting the needs of our customers.

The original initiatives included the elimination of sign-in/out sheets, expanding the arrival and departure times of the work day, allowing employees to split their shifts on the same day through Mid-Day Flex, and the establishment of a casual dress policy for Friday.